Betcha didn’t think you already had a MANTRA!!

Whats a Mantra? Google it. It’s a word or phrase that is repeated aloud or silently that focuses our attention and has the power to change the way we perceive ourselves and the world.

In standard usage it is something that is given to you by a spiritual leader, but my guess is that you’ve  already got one or more.  They were given to you by your first teachers; your Mother, Father, Sister,Brother and those pesky “neighbors” whose opinions , we were taught, were SOOOOO important. But most importantly, you ACCEPTED them, and now the repetition has become so automatic that you don’t even realize it’s going on 24-7-365!

I’m guessing you will recognize some of them that are going on within you if I give you examples of common American Mantras. People repeat these constantly and they see their lives becoming “just what the Mantra ordered”.

Here’s some: “Life sucks”, “People are stupid”, “The glass is half empty”, “Nobody loves me”, “Nobody appreciates me”, “My life is full of suffering”, “I have no energy or joy”…..

Once you recognize your Mantras and admit the power they have had to absolutely and completely define the way you perceive your world, you might consider changing them 🙂

Ego Partum Meus Verum

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