Vita Es Quietus… ‘nother words, Life is Neutral

It’s interesting though that the Latin word for neutral and quiet are the same. So if life is neutral how come it doesn’t seem so quiet sometimes (or maybe MOST of the time, depending on who’s doing the looking).

So, for example, there you are sitting by the placid pond in the park, with your legs dangling in the nice cool water. The birds are chirping, the wind is gently rustling through the trees and some guy behind you is yelling into his cell phone…oops. Not really feeling the bliss anymore. So wherefore art thou neutral quiet thing? What happened???

You happened. More specifically, your internal system of grading and reacting to the grade you gave happened. In this case, it was mostly what we call sound. Oh, there’s a sound, check the file, decide it’s a bird, give it an A+ and react by smiling and feeling peaceful.  Same thing for that other sound. You search your internal data base and decide it’s “wind in the trees”. From your entire history and the entire box of possible reactions, you give it an A+ = peaceful. Now there’s that “guy behind you is yelling into his cell phone.”…. Checking the AUTOMATIC, CONDITIONED INTERNAL FILING SYSTEM, your CHOICE was to decide it was a BAD sound so he gets a D- and you have a knee jerk, AUTOMATIC, UNCONSCIOUS negative reaction and the “Quietus” goes bye bye.

Here’s the kicker, 9 times out of 10 we will BLAME THE GUY WITH THE CELL PHONE and complain to our friends that “He ruined the quiet.” But did he? He was making a sound that was in and of itself NEUTRAL.

So the question is, who ruined your moment?


Ego Partum Mues Verum

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