Oh Lord, stuck in my hard drive again

The true defining precept of most world religions is the philosophical debate between the “Destiny, Fate and Divine Will” folks and the “Nobody tells me what to do. I have free will” folks.

Both sides of the debate view the question from the ASSUMPTION that there is in fact a fully conscious and aware”I” that is either reacting or freely acting.

What happens if we consider that “destiny”, that feeling that everything is immutable and predetermined,  is merely the entire content of our unconscious beliefs, assumptions and conditioned responses, our HARD DRIVE, and that “free will” is merely the act of accessing the particular bit of data that seems the most appropriate in any situation? For one thing,  it takes the “forces outside of myself” out of the equation and it questions if random access to the completely programmed Hard Drive is really “Free” will at all.

I propose that Free Will is something we must RECLAIM because, beginning just seconds after our “birth” as a 100% vulnerable and helpless point of awareness, it has been replaced with the mandatory preoccupation of learning how to not die. Our behaviors, opinions, beliefs and reactions are geared toward that end… learn what to do, say, think and believe so we don’t  die.

Reclaiming Free Will means truly investigating what’s on the hard drive, throwing away bits that no longer serve a useful purpose (keeping other people not mad at us so we won’t starve, get cold or get abandoned for instance) keeping things that are still useful (that car is coming right at me, I think I’ll move, for instance) and getting to a place where we can once again RESPOND with childlike awe and curiosity to a universe that is in constant flux and is full of surprises and wonder, instead of REACTING based on all that useless STUFF.

Free will means taking AUTHORSHIP of the content of your unconscious, the context of your assembled reality (your hard drive) and thereby RECLAIMING AUTHORITY over it.


Ego Partum Meus Verum

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