Bleckrut is in the eye of the beholder

Here are some things to ponder about the “real” world. Let’s ponder the idea that the reason “science” is having such a hard time discovering where or how consciousness exists in the brain, is because they’ve got it backwards. I propose that “the physical brain” exists within consciousness, not the other way around.

One thing that science has done is estimate that “things”,  including trees and bees and you and me AND the gray cauliflower in our skull,  are AT BEST one BILLIONTH actual “stuff”…. the rest is the space between. By the way it wasn’t so long ago they thought it was one MILLIONTH…

If you haven’t read the previous post called “Little House In The Airy”, now might be a good time to do that. I’ll wait.. I need to get some coffee anyway.

ALLLLL RIGHTY THEN, here we go. So exactly how DO we manage to “thingify” that which is mostly nothing at all? Fact is, we could stare into emptiness all day and perceive nothing at all UNLESS WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR.  Kind of hard to swallow that one isn’t it? It’s so OBVIOUS that we’re surrounded by THINGS.  Let’s try an experiment. We are going to recreate on a condensed time scale the process of “discovering” BLACK HOLES.

If you’re old enough to remember, Black Holes began as just a theory put forth by some fuzzy haired German Guy. However, it has only been in the last twenty years or so that we have been able to actually “see” one. Now it turns out that the universe is peppered with them and that they may even exist within our own bodies. So let us begin with a theory/thesis.

The theory is BLECKRUT. Right now it is completely meaningless. We know nothing about it. We could be surrounded by it, doing it, or feeling it right now and we wouldn’t know because we have not established a referent for it. We have been told that it is possible but we don’t know where or even HOW to go about finding it or knowing when and if we do. We have nothing WITHIN OUR EXPERIENCE that has established a REFERENT for it. Our hard drive just whirrs and at best tries to find referents for Bleck and rut, neither of which give us additional information. We need some foothold, some place to start. So let’s add something to it. BLECKRUT is a thing. Still meaningless but we have a direction toward which we can focus our awareness.

BLECKRUT is visible only because of light projecting to your eyes. Watch your mind, be aware of the way you are IGNORING all sorts of thoughts and are now focused on possible answers that emanate light.

BLECKRUT is close to you right now. WHOOOAAA Baby, now there’s an emotional component involved. Now there is an immediate necessity to know what it is. But we CAN NOT PERCEIVE IT “OUT THERE” until we have created it in consciousness, until we have a referent, until it exists on our hard drive.

BLECKRUT usually appears within a rectangular frame. Okay that narrows it down. We can now IGNORE everything but things like walls, windows, boxes, pictures, etc.

The rectangular frame is usually located above a keyboard.

Here comes the AHA… we’re now pretty sure we know what we’re looking for but until we have verification of out theory, it still doesn’t EXIST “OUT THERE”…..

BLECKRUT IS ANY IMAGE THAT APPEARS ON YOUR DEVICE MONITOR.  We just “discovered” our first Bleckrut!!!! It magically exists now where before it was just a word, an idea, a theory. And, just like Black holes, now that we know what we are looking for,  we will see it all over the place.

Consciousness, by its very nature,  makes order out of chaos. It creates structure, function and order out of dynamic waves of frequencies. Consciousness is the creative process of filtering out everything except WHAT WE HAVE PROGRAMMED OURSELVES TO PERCEIVE and then PROJECTING that onto the undifferentiated field as an image appearing substantive.

And finally, here’s your ZEN Koan for the day. “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

No forest, no tree, no falling, no sound.


Ego Partum Meus Verum

“I create My Truth”

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