A Bit of a Byte

Here’s a story/symbol. Once there was a very fancy computer. It could do countless tasks in mere seconds. It had every program ever written on its hard drive. It had even evolved to the point where it was AWARE that it existed… that is quite an accomplishment for a computer.
One day, quite by accident, it became aware of the power cord in its back. For years it tried to ignore it and told itself that the cord was merely “interesting”.
Eventually as its self awareness grew, it realized that everything it believed itself to be, indeed the very POWER WITH WHICH IT WAS AWARE OF BELIEVING, was dependent on that cord.
And so it happened, as it truly must, that one day it allowed it’s awareness to travel up the cord to the outlet and then pass through the wall.
After a bit it came back to its awareness of itself as a computer. It remembered nothing of what was behind the wall because what was behind the wall was so much more than a computer.
But it now knew, by inference, its true nature.

Baba Yah Duh

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