Then, now and never… time, space and truth

“If you do not carry the past or push the future you are detached from them and free to be an open possibility.” Baba Yah Duh

“The past and the future are constantly being born at every moment but they are false and lifeless, your breath is the only life and the only truth.” Baba Yah Duh

“”Facts” begin their lives as merely assumptions/beliefs and then become crystallized into the collective unconscious as obvious truths……hiding their true nature from all who merely follow.” Baba Yah Duh

Simply Because The Earth Spins.

We thought the Sun rose and brought us life.

We perceived duality in light and dark.

If the Sun was powerful we concluded that the Dark, filled with things we could not see,  was also powerful.

We conceived of a battle between the knowable Light and the unknowable Dark.

When the nights got longer we got worried and  learned to pray for the Sun to return.

We came to believe that our prayers were more effective than those of others.

We separated ourselves from those who did not believe our beliefs.

We protected our tribe from those others.

We were willing to wage war.

We elected War leaders to guide us to victory.

We collected and coveted things we had stolen from our enemies in war and those who were less than us.

We made our War leaders rulers over us.

We learned to follow no matter where they said to go.

all this

because the earth spins.

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